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Duxford allotments are generally a peaceful and crime-free place.  However from time to time there have been petty thefts and vandalism, and we have occasionally had episodes of highly organised shed burglaries.  Garden tools, cloches, rotavators, strimmers and a mower have been taken and sheds have, in some cases, been severely damaged.

Close the gates!

This is the simplest and easiest thing we can all do to improve security.  Closed gates give a strong impression of privacy and deter casual visitors from the site.


Make a point of closing the gates if you see them open.  This is especially important in the evening or at any time you can see no-one else working on the site.


If you drive onto the allotments, please make the effort to stop and close the gate when you leave.

Take tools home, leave sheds unlocked

All wooden sheds are vulnerable and even hand tools are valuable.   Take anything you really value off-site and consider leaving your shed door obviously unlocked. Thieves aren't interested in muddy wellies and seed packets, and your door won't get jemmied if there's no lock on it.


Obsure shed windows and, if you do lock up,  replace basic door fastenings with a good quality hasp and staple. Consider an alarmed padlock.


Report and challenge

If you suspect a security issue on the allotments, please report it, however small.  Report minor matters, such as crop damage or dog fouling, to the Parish Clerk and keep DAS in the picture.  


If you have a shed break-in or tools stolen, call the Police (dial 101) straight away and obtain a crime number.  Also tell the Parish Clerk.


Please politely challenge dog-walkers or people dumping rubbish if you believe they aren't allotment holders, and politely ask them not to abuse the allotments.  


Allotment holders are, of course, very welcome to bring their own dogs onto the site and know to keep them under control.

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Using the DAS store


We have a secure storage shed on plot 5 that can be used by DAS members to store valuable equipment at their own risk.  We have a limited number of keys that are issued to members on a first-come-first-served basis and payment of a returnable deposit.  If you are interested, please contact us.



Key-holders must:

  • keep the store locked at all times when not actually taking out or putting away items

  • keep the store tidy

  • not store dangerous chemicals or other hazardous items

  • not allow anyone else to store items in the shed

  • not lend or entrust the key to anyone else at any time

  • return the key to DAS when they cease to be a member, or when asked