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Plots in demand!

Duxford is following the national trend at present with a much higher than normal demand for allotment plots.  The coronavirus lockdown has made the fresh air and productive exercise of bashing an allotment into shape even more attractive.  However turnover is usually quite steady and the council is considering the division of some larger plots so that more become available before long.  


If you are interested in joining the waiting list, follow the link to the parish council's online form.

Apply for a plot

Zooming around

Like almost everyone at the moment, the Allotment Society is keeping in touch with Zoom.  We invested in a paid-for subscription so we can keep talking for longer, and it's working really well.  So far this year we've had online tutorials on pests and weeds (complete with quizes to check we were awake), and have had the first in a series of monthly "allotmenteers question time".  This is where our more experienced members are put on the spot to share know-how and help out newer members.  It works so much better with a glass of something in hand in the warm.


If you'd like to join in, watch out for the next Zoom invitation in your DAS email.  Not a member?  Why not join us!


Mud, ruts and tow trucks

Like many allotment sites ours in Duxford doesn't have a car park.  During the dry summer months it's possible to take light vehicles onto the grassy plot that leads to the society's store in order to transport plants, compost etc.  However in the autumn and winter the ground everywhere becomes wet and, if driven over, rutted.  Sadly last month a car got very seriously stuck and had to be expensively recovered, resulting in deep ruts and other damage.


The Council has asked that, as in years gone by, cars and vans are parked in Moorfield road during the winter months and not parked anywhere on the allotment site.  Anyone needing to take material to their plot can still do this by stopping temporarily on the nearest metalled track and then taking their vehicle off site.

The repair of the various ruts is being considered in time for the summer.

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