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2020 has  seen a long and interesting summer, with allotments providing exercise, fresh produce and sanity during the various phases of Covid-19 lockdown.  In fact the  allotment site at Duxford is looking its best for many years, with most plots in full production.  Sadly, Covid safety considerations, combined with a wet day, conspired against the BYO picnic we had planned for National Allotments Sunday, although a few intrepid plotters brought along their vegetables to show off in defiance!


As the weather gets a cooler and the days shorter, there's still some time to start off winter salad crops.  With a little protection for the winter (fleece or a cloche) they should survive all but the coldest conditions.  As importantly, October is the beginning of a new gardening year.  Most of the ground is cleared and dug, manure applied and/or green manure sown to get the ground in good "fettle" for the spring.  Planning for that starts now and the Kings Seed Scheme catalogues are here to browse through.  Just email us for a copy - the discounts are as fantastic as ever.


Membership subs and allotment rents

Allotment plot rents and allotment society subscriptions fell due in October.

DAS subscriptions remain unchanged at £6.50. This year we are trialing a new online system for recording membership and

managing subscriptions, so in future reminders will come to your email inbox automatically.  No paper forms to lose and membership cards downloadable!  Members will also be able to check and amend their own contact details online.  


This year the council has raised the rent slightly to  £27.00 for a full-size plot;  The allotment plots are owned and managed by Duxford Parish Council; enquiries (and rents) to the Parish Clerk.  


Allotment Waiting list

If you live in, or near, Duxford and would like to join the short allotment waiting list, please contact the Parish Clerk for details.

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Please follow us, like us, post up your allotment news, tips, photos and share.  Facebook will get the news around and help promote the allotments too.


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There are signs that the coronavirus pandemic is gaining ground again in East Anglia.  The cooler conditions of the autumn, along with more time spent indoors, will favour the virus and its spread, so please continue to follow the advice below given by the National Allotment Society; a fuller version can be found on NAS's website.  

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