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Leaves are turning and the season to wrap up against the weather, clear up the plot and think ahead to the new year is upon us.  


Seed orders

The bulk Kings order for 2020 has gone in, however it's never too late to order online.  A link to the Kings NSALG discount site can be found on the members page.  Remeber to use the link - the very substantial discounts can't be accessed via Kings normal online shop!


Rents and subs

Allotment plot rents are due on 28th October; this year it's £25 for a full-size plot.  The allotment plots are owned and managed by Duxford Parish Council and rents should be paid to the Parish Clerk.


Subscriptions to Duxford Allotment Society are also due (and most are paid-up!).  Membership gives access to benefits from the National Allotment Society and the Royal Horticultural Society, including a heavily discounted seed scheme and third party liability insurance for your allotment plot.


Allotment Waiting list

If you live in, or near, Duxford and would like to join the short allotment waiting list, please contact the Parish Clerk for details.



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Please follow us, like us, post up your allotment news, tips, photos and share.  Facebook will get the news around and help promote the allotments too.


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Renting a Duxford allotment

Growing your own is a great way to get fitter - and make new friends, allotments being quite sociable places.  

If you live, or work, within three miles of the Duxford parish boundary you can rent an allotment.  There are sometimes plots immediately available and the waiting list is always short.


Contact the Parish Clerk for more information.

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Autumn squashes by Caroline Merrifield