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Spring has arrived good and proper and, along with it, an international crisis that finds everyone severely restricted in normal activites.  Garden centres are closed, along with most other shops and many businesses.  However, the seed companies are still working online and DAS members can still order at serously reduced prices from Kings of Colchester.  Log in details are with your seed catalogue or drop us an email to be reminded.



Maintaining an allotment offically counts as daily exercise, and in happier times plenty of reseach has been published to support the value of gardening both as a physical workout and, just as importantly, an aid to mental health. Both are vitally important at the moment.  

Allotments aren't inherantly a dangerous place in which to catch a viral infection, however everyone needs to take a bit more care whilst the Covid-19 lockdown continues.  Please follow the advice opposite given by the National Allotment Society; a fuller version can be found on NAS's website.  Do bear in mind that this more comprehensive advice has to cover all situations nationally and not just small rural sites like Duxford.  



Allotment plot rents are due in October; this year the council has raised the rent slightly to  £26.50 for a full-size plot.  The allotment plots are owned and managed by Duxford Parish Council; enquiries to the Parish Clerk.


Allotment Waiting list

If you live in, or near, Duxford and would like to join the short allotment waiting list, please contact the Parish Clerk for details.



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Duxford Allotments 20 years ago  (Photo Google Earth historical view 2000)

Air pic allot 2000 Covid poster